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今天去了北卡的State Fair,近距离参观了各种农场生畜
包括一只身价接近一万刀的火鸡………… Orz
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Saw Alphonse Mucha's The Slav Epic today in National Gallery in Prague today. Soooo awesome. :O

Babbling in Chinese. Mostly about books. )

...and Greece (again)

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 11:20 am
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Before anything else: Archer S5E13 proves that Archer + Lana = True Love!!! (Katya? Katya who? :P)

Anyway, the cruise has hit Greece now. It's halfway through the trip and I have managed to co-exist with the parents, so yaaaaay. Got some pics of the Kirk bear in Mykonos. He is, of course, as popular as ever. :) But man, I miss traveling by myself. I am so much more relaxed when it's just me and the Kirk bear.

I have battled my way through The Last Continent, and yes I know it's supposed to be based on Australia but I'm just....not seeing the point, still. Maybe I'll re-read it later... I just don't feel the wizards very much, even Rincewind.

Have also been watching "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" in French and German. Ahhh Legolas. I mean, Legolas!. I would have been perfectly content if the whole film was just him hitting the orcs with his bow + sword + yes, head.


Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 11:26 pm
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After Raising Steam (quite enjoyed this one comparing to Snuff, Moist and Harry King—what a pair! What a pair! —I mean that in a completely non-romantic way, of course), I decided to re-visit some old Discworld Watch favorites. Currently on Jingo. For the Nth time, I wanted to get myself some solid Vetinari/Vimes fics, and for the Nth time, I ended up deciding smoldering, tic-for-tac UST is the best kind of relationship for them. My psyche is just not prepared for the image of them kissing. What they have is...already perfect, when I think about it. I just want to read more about the canon relationship, not any other.

On a related note, it seems V/V fics tend to deal with the fact that Vimes is married to Sybil by having her die or never existed, which is ok with me since I don't really feel the Sam/Sybil ship. (If somebody kills Angua so Carrot would have a go with, I dunno, Vimes, I would find it so wrong on so, so, so many levels.)
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Amazon sent me a free replacement for my Kindle, and it feels so great to have a perfectly working on in my hands again. :)

Hopefully I'll get back to reading actual books now. At least one academic book per month. For this upcoming month the goal is Coming to Terms with the Nation: Ethnic Classification in Modern China by Thomas Mullaney.

Also, Discworld's newest installment is here! Raising Steam. I really, really want this to be good because I didn't enjoy Snuff and....yes, I'm just really worried about Mr. Pratchett.... :(
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Durham's weather is beautiful! :) And it's so great to see old friends and meet new people. (You'd think I'm a people person from what I just wrote...)

Been reading some of the original Sherlock stories, and to my own surprise I actually liked them a lot better than some of the ones I've previously read. (The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans, I'm looking at you!) It's both with anticipation and a certain sense of dread do I await the new season (I know they call it "series" in Britain...) of BBC Sherlock. Ah, Mycroft.

Also picked up The Last Testament: A Memoir by God (Author) & David Javerbaum (Contributor). Only a few pages in but looking good so far.

I know I've said I wanted to write a somewhat critical review for Terry Pratchett's Snuff, but alas, I left the very book at my mother's house. Still, I should get around to that...

Can't wait for the new HxH chapter tomorrow! :DDD
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1. ZQ came out. I'm happy for him. Kinda worried about his future career prospect, but we shall see. I rather suspected that his sexuality was already an open secret in the industry—I mean, it was odd from Chris to be getting leading men roles (Jack Ryan!) while ZQ...well, never went anywhere, visibility wise.

2. Watched Sleuth starring Michael Caine & Jude Law with my mom last night as she highly recommended it. I did not expect it to turn I have to say, Jude Law does the gay thing very, very well. (To be fair, I think in The Talented Mr. Ripley it was Matt Damon who played the gay guy, not Jude Law...although I keep thinking back to that.) They were both glorious (I mean, Michael Caine! Michael Caine!), though Jude had the dazzle and allure of youth on his side. I'm just kinda shocked that my mom liked it. I mean, the last 10 minutes were clearly, well, gay.

3. Reading Snuff. Having mixed feelings about Sybil now, I have to say. I feel like pTerry is trying to make her into this perfect woman but she's....too distant for me to love her, really. I'd take Angua or Cheery (or even Juliet) any day of the week. And there's that nob thing. It's like, you either make a clean break from it (a la Angua) or you don't. You don't get to stay a nob and pretend to yourself that you are all benevolent and thus above it all. It's....dishonest. And stupid.

4. Also started reading Monstrous Regiment a while ago. Man, I like vampires. Maladict. Oh, Maladict. Even though I'm already kinda spoiled the ending for myself, I still have to say.... I like vampires.
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1. Chinglish by David Henry Hwang is coming to Broadway! I am excited!

2. I need to get my hands on [ profile] cannedebonbon's commission stuff. I DO. Her chibis are unbelievably cute. >_< Hopefully I can find a paypal account.... (Fingers crossed.) I want one piece for my priest, and another...well, it's a secret. :P

3. I am probably going to experiment with making real curry (instead of curry udon). We will see how that goes. Until then, though, hot pot tonight. :D

4. I want to re-read Discworld books again. Why can't Snuff come out already? T_T (Speaking of books I owe NYPL fees again. Crap.) And so did you ever get to read Night Watch, [ profile] dissociate?

5. It's probably bad that the one Thor/Loki fic I want to write the most is also...all kinds of angst. I think I'm afraid to write it because I might make Thor OOC. (But I want to write it! The epic and tragic love of it all!)

6. Sometimes I can't help but feel that politics is such an ugly, ugly topic of conversation. Reality and ideals just don't play together very well. Maybe one day I will write about it at length in connection to my Mycroft obsession, but I doubt it.

Carrot & Angua

Saturday, April 16th, 2011 09:30 pm
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Because I more or less finished reading The Fifth Elephant while on the road.

Wolves don't look back. )
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4/9-4/24出游计划尚未定不过很想横跨美国(前提是我不在车上被无聊死)。在走之前很期待4/6的《The Book of Mormon》音乐剧……我一定是最近South Park看多了。[ profile] stellary同学你还来NYC咩?考虑下时间吧。^_^

终于下手订了Discworld Assassins' Guild Yearbook and Diary 2000,虽然价格已经比2000年时翻了N倍。另外的话,除了两本Discworld小说,还买了Warcraft: Death Knight (又名:Thassarian的那点破事儿)。然而下了单才发现,这书要一到两个月才会运出来……?到时候搞不好游戏里面Thassarian都冲进幽暗城救他家CP去了喂!!望着[ profile] evelyngreen泪流满面……

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Good Omens mini series! YES!

Also, a new Discworld Watch TV series! :D :D :D

The main focus of the series will be set in the bustling, highly mercantile, largely untrustworthy and always vibrant city of Ankh Morpork..... )

I am SO looking forward to the both of them! Maybe I'll finally be able to get some Vetinari/Vimes fic if the 2nd one actually happens? I just hope Sir Terry, working on borrowed time, can see the 2nd to fruition and make it something worthy of the Discworld universe.

Incidentally, I re-read Jingo just yesterday. Oh, Ahmed and the D'regs! I think I'll finish reading Unseen Academicals this week.

In other news, spring has come (I think). Had my appendix removed a while back, so going to the surgeon tomorrow for a follow-up visit.
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List of questions here.

Day 27. A fic that spawned an inside joke

Pictures of You by Reiko+沙罗+茕蝶 (Naruto, Kakashi/Sasuke, in Chinese)

Yeah....I probably should face the music on this one, as Miya-chan (nickname: Little BT) has gained a life of his own.

Day 28. A fic with a pairing you never thought you'd read

Five Ways Sam Vimes Discovered What He Didn't Want to Know by kindkit (Discworld, Vetinari/Drumknott)

I always thought this ship was boring, but the author showed me it could be touching. My Discworld OTP is Vetinari/Vimes, but the Vimes in this one was very nicely done as well.

Day 29. A fic that turns you on

Tarnished Angel by Blackrose (FF8, Seifer/Squall)

Kink quotient is 10/10. (Although I have to say, I always end up giggling at the ending...)

Day 30. A fic with a great ending

Nothing is Written by Transmission Failure (Formula One RPS, Senna/Berger)

Oh that ending. THAT ENDING. For me, it took the meaning of poetic angst to a whole new level.

I touch the gravestone, the letters cut into it: Nada pode me separar do amor de Deus. I will not stand between him and his God any more. My veneration will not fade, nor die; but it will now grow more distant—the might of a planet eclipsed by a falling star. There is no way I could ever forget Ayrton.

But still I am here to say goodbye.

Thanks for passing it on, [ profile] verizonhorizon! Fun times!

Quick round-up: Fandoms by mentions.

5: Sherlock BBC, Star Trek TOS/XI
4: Final Fantasy VIII
3: Harry Potter
2: Naruto
1: Formula One RPS, Discworld, The Vampire Chronicles, Star Trek Deep Space 9, Godfather, Prince of Tennis, The X-Files, Star Trek RPS, Supernatural, Numb3rs, Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, Warcraft, Kingdom Hearts II
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Death: Humans need fantasy to be human. To be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape.
Susan: With tooth fairies? Hogfathers?
Death: Yes. As practice, you have to start out learning to believe the little lies.
Susan: So we can believe the big ones?
Death: Yes. Justice, mercy, duty. That sort of thing.
Susan: They're not the same at all.
Death: You think so? Then take the universe and grind it down to the finest powder, and sieve it through the finest sieve, and then show me one atom of justice, one molecule of mercy. And yet, you try to act as if there is some ideal order in the world. As if there is some, some rightness in the universe, by which it may be judged.
Susan: But people have got to believe that, or what's the point?
Death: You need to believe in things that aren't true. How else can they become?
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Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 01:00 pm
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居然(?)很好看。让我想起做毕业论文报告的时候AM教授的忠告:“一篇论文报告应该体现出文章最精彩最吸引人的地方,就像一部电影的预告片。”(所以预告片做得太好会有虚假广告之嫌……比如《Year One》的,OMG……)

这MV到了后来成了瑜亮同人MV……最后那个镜头,太那啥了。-_- 但是风景好美好美,让我想起纳格兰。



在《Thud!》之后,我一直想要重读那些没有读完的Terry Pratchett作品,于是这几天都在读《Pyramids》(网上录入在这里)。书中前四分之一对于刺客学院的描述让我大爱不说了,后来的东西如今也读出了滋味。看到一半照例跳到最后几页先看结局,毫无预兆地被感动得泪流满面。


Teppic fumbled for a knife, wondering what sort was appropriate for gods. )
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Note to self: NEED TO ATTEND THIS.
The North American Discworld Convention
July 8 - 11, 2011
Madison, WI
Guest of Honor: Sir Terry Pratchett

Excerpts from Pyramids on the Assassin's Guild. God, I love that place.

We do it for the money. And, because we above all must know the value of a human life, we do it for a great deal of money. )
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When I watched Moulin Rouge Live with Patti LaBelle, Ms. LaBelle's grand entrance notwithstanding, I was not particularly taking by...uh, the screaming. Her voice was loud, but that was not the same as beautiful. (Whitney singing that national anthem? Now that was loud and beautiful.)

I know it's supposed to be Patti LaBelle's song since she sang the original. She is also a veritable legend singing in her sixities. But the whole mystique doesn't work on me anymore unless I want it to, so while I understand why people are cheering so loudly for her, I cannot concur.

Incidentally, this morning I was listening to a 2009 X-Japan concert version of Kurenai, and I have to say, Toshi's voice was even raspier than, oh, 13 years ago on that Last Live. It was still Toshi's voice. It just sounded broken in parts.

But to me, it's still Toshi's song. If some young Japanese musician like—oh I dunno, Yamashita Tomohisa or Moriyama Naotarō, because I really don't know anybody else—were to sing that song alongside Toshi, I'd think Toshi's version is better 10 times out of 10.

Then this particular passage from Terry Pratchett's Night Watch came to me (hence the entry title).

"That's a nice song," said young Sam, and Vimes remembered that he was hearing it for the first time.

"It's an old soldiers' song," he said.

"Really, sarge? But it's about angels."

Yes, thought Vimes, and it's amazing what bits those angels cause to rise up as the song progresses. It's a real soldiers' song: sentimental, with dirty bits.

"As I recall, they used to sing it after battles," he said. "I've seen old men cry when they sing it," he added.

"Why? It sounds cheerful."

They were remembering who they were not singing it with, thought Vimes. You'll learn. I know you will.
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writing progress!

Sunday, March 21st, 2010 10:28 am
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Bouncing between [ profile] aprilleigh24 and [ profile] dissociate, I've finally began to write the [ profile] help_chile fic, with a shiny title called Standard Deviation.

I've also begun a G/B fic called Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, for which I hope to incoprate my Songs of Solomon idea. We shall see.

Other things I really need to do today:
1. The job thing.
2. Lesson plan (UGH).
3. Chapter report.

Oh and a Discworld rec: Five Hogswatch Presents by kindkit, a collection of canon-based drabbles. Very cute. I'll try to check out more Discworld stuff on AO3 if I have the time, I suppose....