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中文同人清单12/18更新。English list updated 2012-11-22.

Fandoms covered: Skyfall ★ Marvel (Thor/Avengers/Comics) ★ Star Trek (XI/TOS/DS9) ★ BBC Sherlock ★ Supernatural ★ Final Fantasy (VIICC & VIII) ★ Various anime (Naruto, One Piece, Black Blood Brothers, etc) ★ Misc. (World of Warcraft, Formula One RPS, etc)

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Title: キル (to cut, to sever, to kill)
Author: Renata Lord ([personal profile] snowlight)
Pairing: Amou->Misumi
Rating: PG-13
Note: A lot of this is just my headcanon. The actual canon will most likely turn out to be wildly different, but as Saezuru's new chapters are slow to come by, I guess I am safe for a while.

What happened on the night of Amou's university graduation ceremony. )
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Title: no rest for the wicked
Author: Renata Lord ([ profile] snowlight)
Pairing: Thassarian/Koltira (can be read as slash or gen)
Note: Written for my partner in crime, [ profile] hex12.

no rest for the wicked

Death knights do not sleep. Death knights do not dream.

Yet when Koltira regains his consciousness after another particularly brutal training session, he still thinks of it as "waking up." And so it is.

In that torturous sleep he saw his little brother. Faltora's face, bright and open, shined under the warm Quel'Thalas sun. Yet in the next instant darkness fell without warning, and all he could smell was the stench of rotting meat. He heard the sickening sound of that abomination's sickle cutting through his brother's body, crushing those all-too-brittle bones. It rang an endless echo in his mind, each cry heavier than the last.

Koltira now knew that he hated those bones. He hated how they broke before the cursed metal, how they crumbled like a winter twig in the wind. Weren't they the protector of their father's flesh? Weren't they the guardian of their mother's blood? Why, then, was he haunted by the sound of Faltora's body being cleaved in two, of his own heart being pierced by a cold runeblade—

He wakes and sees the very same sword.

The sounds have stopped. His heart is no longer in pain. Thassarian regards him from a corner of the room, looking strangely pensive for a servant of the Lich King.

"You had a nightmare," says his executioner. "It happens."

Koltira nods and gets himself up from the floor. He looks down and sees the blue sigil glowing on his chest, crawling into the flesh and over the bones. He picks up his weapon again.

"Does it ever stop?"

Thassarian parries his first three blows with graceful ease, and the counterattack comes with punishing speed.

"Not for me, it hasn't."


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Title: Lock and Key
Author: Renata Lord ([ profile] snowlight)
Characters: Serrure (Loki's reincarnation a la Marvel's Journey into Mystery) & Luc
Rating: PG-13
Note: Written for [ profile] cafeqsize. Many thanks to [ profile] iris242x for helps along the way.

Summary: What happened to Serrure before Thor found him in Paris. (Quick background info for those who have not heard about this "Serrure" business: In Marvel comic's "Siege" storyline, Loki helps to destroy the world but repents at the very last minute, sacrifices his own life to prevent the doom he has so sought. Afterwards Thor finds life unbearable without Loki and thus resurrects him. Thor finds Loki's reincarnation in the form of Serrure [French for "lock"], a card-trickster boy in Paris with a partner. For details, please check out Marvel issue Thor #617.)


Luc Moreault always thought he found that boy on that one rainy July evening, much like how he found bicycles and bags which may or may not have belonged to other people. )
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Title: The Three Children Loki Raised and the One He Didn't
Author: [ profile] snowlight
Pairing: None. Loki-centric gen.
Rating: PG
Note: Written for [ profile] norsekink meme prompt: Let's see Loki take time out of his busy schedule of evil plots and fighting superheroes to do some actual parenting. Meant to be crack but somehow got a little angsty towards the end. Sorry about that.

The dreamer, the middle child, and the heartbreaker. )
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Inspired by and written as a homage to the very funny Go the F**k to Sleep by Adam Mansbach. You can find audio versions on Youtube.

Summary: Frigga is away from Asgard for some reason and asks Odin to put Thor & Loki to bed. Odin encounters...difficulties.

"Go the Fuck to Sleep", a Nursery Rhyme by Odin

"The magpies have gone back to their nests,
Their young ones have ceased to chirp.
You have had a long day, my pride, my joy,
And now you must go the fuck to sleep.

"Look at your brother,
So peaceful it makes me weep
Do you hear me, my beloved child?
Seriously, go the fuck to sleep.

"Mani [the moon] is singing you a lullaby, and tomorrow
Sol [the sun] will take you into her chariot for a trip.
But I swear that you will be grounded forever,
Unless you go right the fuck to sleep!

"—How does your mother do this?
I'm this close to crushing you in my grip.
Fuck, I'm a failure, I'm the shittyass parent,
Please, just stop fucking with me and go to sleep.

"I promise you the throne, the crown,
And even your mother's golden ship.
If only you would go the fuck to sleep!

"You know what? That's it. I have had it.
I fucking give up.
You're the prince, I'm the king.
But so what? You are never going to fucking sleep.

"Will Frigga notice if I drop the hammer on you?
Alas, she will, and from her wrath none can escape.
Just—yes, just like that, my dear son, finally—
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Title: Sugar High
Author: [ profile] snowlight
Pairing: Thor/Loki (pre-movie)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 700+
Note: Written for [ profile] norsekink prompt: Chocolate is supposed to be an aphrodisiac sooooo...Thor and Loki eat lots of it on Asgard. There is no porn at all, only some silliness and a lot of Relationship Analysis. I'm sorry. T_T Also please see endnotes at the, well, end.

Thor and Loki try eating chocolate for the first time and turn it into a competition, with very much unintended consequences )
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Title: Russian Roulette
Authors: [ profile] snowlight and [ profile] aprilleigh24
Pairing: M!Kirk/M!Spock (XI mirrorverse)
Rating: PG-13 for general MU-ness and language (no explicit violence)
Note: Written for [ profile] ksadvent 2010. Plot by [ profile] aprilleigh24 and text by [ profile] snowlight. Many thanks to [ profile] uminohikari for a timely and thorough beta job, and to [ profile] verizonhorizon for getting us started.
Word Count: ~2,600

This is a love story, if you squint hard enough. )
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Title: Six Toffee Apples
Characters: Mycroft & Sherlock
Rating: G
Note: Beta pending. :) Written for [ profile] krazykoodles at her request for a Guy Fawkes Night fic(let).

Mycroft is on his fifth toffee apple. )
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Still a part of Blood and Water, a masterlist of which is contained here. This is perhaps best read together with Primogeniture.

Title: On a Field, Sable
Characters: Sherlock, Father, Mother, and Mycroft
Rating: PG
Summary: Sherlock has never made peace with his father.
Note: Beta read and Britpicked by the lovely [ profile] krazykoodles. Title borrowed from Nathaniel Hawthorne.


The wild laces were gone, as were the silk rosebud buttons and the fishtail skirt. All wrapped up in fashion de rigueur, the only remnant of his mother's usual choice of bohemian attire was the jade butterfly hairpin in her dark tresses, but even that was hidden underneath a prim pillbox hat with black veil. In this moment at least, Mycroft thought, there was Lady Holmes again, sitting in a French antique chair and looking up at him with that cold, aristocratic grace.

"I suppose Sherlock shan't be joining us, then."

It was hardly a proper greeting to a son whom she had not seen in seven weeks, but Mycroft only leaned down and kissed her on the cheeks lightly, one peck on each side. Her face was slightly damp, Mycroft noted. She'd been out there in the garden, taking in the July drizzle and the smell of flowers in the rain.

"Good morning, Mother. So good to see you again."

"Good morning, Mycroft." She relented a little at that, though with her it was difficult to tell. She didn't press on about Sherlock, and Mycroft didn't wish to confirm what she had already known. Ever since he'd left home for university, for six consecutive years now, Sherlock had adamantly refused to go with them to visit Father's grave on the anniversary. There was no reason to imagine that seven was a lucky number.

Perhaps she was angry at him because she thought he could've done something about his brother's absence. The truth was that he probably could have. He'd dragged Sherlock back home for Christmas family dinner last year, through both hell and high water. Sherlock was impossible for anyone and everyone because Sherlock was Sherlock; but in the end Mycroft was the older brother—Mycroft was Mycroft.

Yet for once, this wasn't about them, and Mycroft knew he had no right to interfere. This wasn't about how Mycroft didn't return one too many phone calls from Cambridge, wasn't about how Sherlock decided to do away with the Stradivarius that Mycroft gave him, wasn't even about the drugs and the surveillance camera networks.

Sixty miles away from the Holmes house, on a tranquil green hill called Hesterfield, there rested a man who, willingly or not, gave everything for his Britannia. He had taken pains to groom his older son to follow in his footsteps, but the younger one was irretrievably lost to him somewhere along the way. Mycroft knew Sherlock never forgave their father—for not bothering to pretend that family was important to him, for his perpetual absence at every turn of memory, and finally for passing away at the age of forty-seven. Dying was the ultimate form of abandonment, with no hope for reconciliation or at least vengeance.

"We should go now, Mother," he said softly. She assented.

He would be waiting for them, now that the cold grip of death had at last severed him from his duties. Sixty miles away, on a tranquil green hill called Hesterfield, there rested Siger Valerian Holmes.

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Still a part of Blood and Water, a masterlist of which is contained here.

Title: Dead Nerve
Characters: Mycroft, Sherlock
Rating: G
Summary: Dentists are not therapists.
Note: Beta read and Britpicked by the lovely [ profile] krazykoodles, as usual.

Update. –M

Mr. Solas is en route. ETA: 70 minutes. –A

Reschedule him for 1430. –M

Beep beep.
Ouch. Complications? –A

That would be the surgical term for it. –M

"You're just like Sherlock, my old boy," the bespectacled man in white said mildly while preparing the syringe. "Never a moment's rest with those texts."

Mycroft arched both eyebrows but did not protest, mainly because he already couldn't feel the left half of his mouth. He generally saved his sarcasm for people who didn't drill holes in his bones with very expensive and very sharp instruments.

"Three. Two. One. Deep breath."

Then it was the needle. Mycroft frowned and tried to focus on the pictures and plaques on the office desk. Dr. James Kincaid, British Society of Periodontology Outstanding Member of the Year from 1993 onwards, with a British Indian daughter-in-law named Dimple plus two grandsons with actual dimples. The man had always been personally pleasant ever since Father walked him into this office nearly thirty years ago, yet Mycroft never grew comfortable around him. It could have had something to do with the fact that he intensely disliked the feeling of being on the other side of the magnifier.

"So how is Sherlock, by the way? I haven't seen him in quite a while. Wasn't in the office for his last two cleanings."

Difficult. Mycroft typed on his phone without looking and waved the screen in front of the doctor, who nodded in apparent sympathy. Mycroft wondered if the gesture was for the procedure or for having Sherlock in his life. Dentists made terrible therapists, not that he had any use for the latter.

"Ah, that I know," said Kincaid as the third shot went in with an unmatched precision, one which made him the Holmes family dentist for the past three decades. "My front desk tends to take the day off when he has an appointment. But Sherlock's a good boy, I'm sure it'll all work out in the end—I remember how he always made a big fuss whenever you had a procedure, waiting for you right outside the door and all. Gina said it was the most adorable thing she'd ever seen."

He certainly did not grimace at that, but the good doctor stopped all the same.

"Everything okay, Mycroft?"

Mycroft relaxed his hold over the chair rest and nodded with his eyes. He really had nothing to worry about. The nerves in that tooth were already dead, or he would have been in this chair a lot sooner. These were phantom pains, past and future.

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Still a part of Blood and Water, a masterlist of which is contained here.

Title: Of Fortune
Characters: Sherlock, Mycroft
Rating: G
Summary: Mycroft gives a lesson about fortune cookies.
Note: Written for [ profile] deliraina—hope you had a very happy birthday! And many thanks to [ profile] krazykoodles for beta reading/Britpicking. :)

West End, Mao Tse-tung, and fortune cookies. )
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Dedicated to my dear Miracle. Thanks for everything.

Title: Stradivarius and Grace
Characters: Sherlock, Mycroft (gen or pre-slash)
Rating: PG-13 (mentions of substance abuse and strong language)
Summary: Five moments in Sherlock's life, with or without the Stradivarius that Mycroft gave him.
Note: Many thanks to [ profile] krazykoodles for beta reading/Britpicking and to [ profile] asukajude for technical assistance.

For all your songs, I am a violin. )
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Title: The Rabbit Hops over the Log
Author: Renata Lord ([ profile] snowlight)
Characters: Mycroft, Sherlock
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine don't sue etc.
Note: This story was inspired by a certain (non-gore-related) scene from Dexter. Beta read by [ profile] krazykoodles. Thanks! :D :D

In which Mycroft teaches Sherlock the mystery of making ties. )
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Title: Mycroft, the Lord of the Rings
Author: [ profile] alexwish2005 (translated from Chinese by [ profile] snowlight)
Characters: Sherlock, John, Mycroft, Moriarty
Rating: PG-13 (see note)
Disclaimer: So not mine. Or hers.
Note: This story makes a lot more sense if you've seen this short LOTR spoof by Steven Moffat in which The Ring becomes The Prince Albert.

Read more... )

by [ profile] alexwish2005 and [ profile] snowlight

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Title: An Interview with Mycroft Holmes' Umbrella, OBE
Author: Renata Lord ([ profile] snowlight)
Characters: Mycroft, Mycroft's Umbrella, Sherlock
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Not mine don't sue etc.
Note: As the title indicates, this is pure crack. Many thanks to [ profile] krazykoodles and [ profile] shycroft for beta reading and Britpicking. :D


Yes, I made Mycroft's umbrella an Officer of the British Empire. )


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