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I can't believe it's been 4 years since I did it last! Listing different fics this time, obviously. :P

Originally passed to me from [ profile] verizonhorizon.

Details within. )

Day 01. A fic with a great opening

Family by [ profile] enarte (Naruto, Kakashi+Sasuke)

Kakashi could never really justify to himself why he passed Team 7 in the end. Nobody asks him, not even Sasuke, who sits in Kakashi's kitchen and slurps instant noodles with as much dignity as he can muster.

Really just a drabble but…ten years later, after all the wtf courtesy of Kishimoto, after everything, it still makes me smile. :)

Day 02. A favorite new fic (posted in the last few weeks)

Uh…I haven’t really been reading new fics really….instead I will rec a relatively new Game of Thrones MV! In Chinese!

《向天再借五百年》——《权力的游戏》改编,缅怀乔佛里 by 征夷

Day 03. A long-standing favorite fic

Red Ruin, and the Breaking Up of Laws by [ profile] hummingbirdmoth (MCU, Thor/Loki)

I think this is possibly the very first Thor/Loki fic that I adored, and there are parts of it which have remained with me ever since. ("I wish we had done this when we were younger and better.")

Day 04. A fic that you wish more people would read

Letters from the Northern Continent by [ profile] thehoyden (Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Elim Garak/Julian Bashir)

I think this is what got me really interested in Garak/Bashir. It’s very nuanced but had just the right amount of siren call. And G/B is such a great ship, too. >.<

Day 05. A fic you weren't sure you'd like but ended up loving

Yggdrasil, In Spring by [ profile] cthonical – (MCU, Thor/Lady Loki)

I generally don’t go for fics featuring het sex, but the sex scene in this one was angry and IC and omgsohot. Oh and, eh, off-screen bestiality was hot, too. (Hey this is Loki you know.)
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Of Garak's murder of Weyoun, Ira Behr says, "In the end, Garak wasn't a tailor, he was a killer. His instinct was to kill. Not to hit. Not to knock down. Not to chide him most fiercely. But to kill Weyoun." (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Companion)

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Some of the texts I sent to [ profile] ligeia last year.

3/9: I am wholly convinced that all K/S stories end happily. If one is not, it only means it is not the real ending.

3/26: Oh there look, Dukat just kicked the bucket.
(I was at a B&N reading a mirrorverse novel in which Dukat and Kira were FREEDOM FIGHTERS together while Julian was a Child of Khan, it was such awesomesauce, except for the absence of Garak.)

3/29: Tribble sex is teh bomb!
([ profile] ligeia was telling me how the audiofic makes the tribble interaction sounds even filthier.)

4/29: Never thought I'd be writing transsexual porn in a high school French class.
(No, you can't read it.)

4/30: Thinking about a trip to North Africa. I blame Siddig like woah.
(I still do.)

5/2: On subway somebody played Quizas Quizas Quizas aka the Garak/Bashir song. It was so beautiful! *_*
(I couldn't sing along though because I only vaguely knew the Spanish lyrics.)

5/5: Writing ridiculously sappy young!S/I fic now. So going to hell.

5/7: Still can't get over master!Saladin and pet!Nasir. So, so going to hell.
(Yeah. Obviously.)
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List of questions here.

Day 24. One of the first fanfics you read

Chosen of God by [ profile] thebratqueen (The Vampire Chronicles)

With the VC fandom the way it is, I can only guess that I once read this....

Day 25. A fic you wish you'd never read

Sale Source by Sya (FF8, Seifer/Squall AU) (in Japanese)

No comment. None.

Day 26. A fic with a great OC

The Mysteries series by JA Ingram and Charlene Vickers (Star Trek DS9, Garak/Bashir)

Whatever other issues I might have with this gigantic AU series, the main OC was unforgettable. I'd say more but that would spoil the surprise. :P
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平衡 (Equilibrium)
Garak/Bashir (Star Trek DS9), Rated R
by Renata Lord

从这个角度看过去,Elim Garak不再显得无懈可击。 )


Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 06:50 am
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然后,还有G/B想写。确切地说是还有Garak相关文想写。上帝保佑我不要苏。我不想脑补Garak的罗慕兰Tal'Shiar旧爱,也不想搞什么“你知道为什么Romulan Nightshade的颜色是红的吗”之类的中二问题……至于Vulcan Magnolia,那,那也算了吧………orzzzz

True Blood的G/E这一对,我目前对于Eric还是知道得太少,得等我回去补原剧。(原著就算了。原著里面没有Godric... -_-)

问题在于,我真的对G/E之外的True Blood无感,而且主角小姐Sookie让我完完全全没兴趣(我是颜控……)。(而且,而且,曾经有个拿她名字当id的姑娘勾搭过我……然而气场不大对于是我被留下了心理阴影……) 偏偏原著里面Eric又和她狠狠地有一腿,所以电视应该也会向那边发展。再怎么说Eric是个千人斩级别的总攻,我也不可能忽视主角的强大外挂。如果Sookie是Buffy或者Drusilla那样的我倒也可以接受三人行(比如Angel/Spike/Drusilla是极少我能理论上接受的3P之一),但……我一想起这剧的美国南方背景和主角小姐的设定就泪流了……


另一方面,如果我写G/E,我当然会想用历史文的角度来,毕竟一千年里面的东西太好YY了。但我高中时候阴差阳错地愣是没有修过欧洲历史,在大学里面也没有学过专门的课程(俄罗斯史大概不能算欧洲通史……何况是现代的俄罗斯史)。而且非常悲剧地,我虽然对于历史很感兴趣,但知识范围基本上限于政治历史(和名人八卦= =)。过去的人是如何生活的的日常细节种种,我基本上是一窍不通。平时我对于这个是无所谓的(学有专攻么),但写起时代背景文就立马觉得寸步难行。(这也就是为啥我那篇Saladin/Nasir文又被坑了……亏我啃了那么多本学术书籍当背景,泪。)


不过老天,我现在真期待True Blood第三季结局了呀……

Add: 刚发现Eric的老爹是维京王!那Eric就是王子殿下了!~~ (为啥我会想起How to Train Your Dragon…………orzzzz Godric很明显不可能是Nightfury...)

Add 2: 我在前面一篇里面说我自从安莱斯女士之后就再也没萌过吸血鬼。这是不正确的。不说安莱斯之前我还狂萌过Angel/Buffy,后来也有White Wolf的Masquerade系列以及Black Blood Brothers。只是……BBB那里面的吸血鬼除了青春永驻这一点和传说保持一致,其它哪里像吸血鬼了?打个伞就可以到太阳底下去晃耶!比起吸血鬼什么的,他们更像武林帮派吧…… = =||| (那Zelman Clock是啥帮派?西域那边出来的什么……不过龙王就是武当少林之类的?Cassa他们是所谓人人喊打的邪教?)
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renata: Garak. Uh, I am not sure how did I manage to make him out to be such a bastard. I never did that with Spock.
ligeia: Garak knows he can get away with it, it's cool XD
renata: hahah probably
ligeia: maybe because Garak is such a mystery...
renata: yeah...and how Garak refuses to put the personal ahead of the greater goal, while Spock just goes berserk whereas Jim is concerned. (He does. it's canon.)
ligeia: And Spock is sooo devoted to Jim canonically that it's hard to imagine him anything but sometimes. XD
Hence him being all emotionally distant and....doing bad things.
ligeia: OMG WHAAT
This is so great XD
I can totally see this happening
But he can't quit Julian either....
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原题:An Indecent Proposal
作者:茕蝶/Renata Lord ([ profile] snowlight)
翻译:苏格兰格子 ([ profile] gwen7)
配对:Garak/Bashir (Deep Space 9)
声明:非我所有,如此种种。剽窃了Evelyn Waugh和Tennessee Williams两位的创意,一并致歉。

某人理直气壮又或者是厚颜无耻的求婚…… )





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Julian Bashir
Gender: Male
White dragons are pacifists and specialize in extremely strong healing magic. The only limit of this magic is that it can't bring back the dead. They only eat plants and never kill living things.
Hi Julian!

Gender: Female
Hellfire Wyverns are so named for their foul tempers and fiery visages. Their social structure places all females above all males, due to superior physical characteristics and violent dispositions. Forced subservience of the males causes them to become vicious, petty, antisocial, and passive-aggresive compared to the aggressive and social females.
That's a Cardassian dragon if I ever saw one, minus the matriachy part. ;)

For Cardassia
Gender: Male
Mother: Cardassia
Father: Julian Bashir

Needless to say, I've also been trying to breed one Elim Garak.

The best laid plans... )
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蝴蝶:没关系,我会让他和女体Julian一周XXOO一次的,你放心吧 (何)




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Title: Erosion
Artist: MUKOUDA Tessen in doujinshi JULIAN (Dec 2005)
Pairing: Sloan/Bashir
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sex
Scanner: Ligeia ([ profile] dissociate)
Translator and Editor: Renata Lord ([ profile] snowlight)
Warning: D/s themes.

Julian dreams. )
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Title: Room #1102
Artist: MUKOUDA Tessen in doujinshi JULIAN (Dec 2005)
Pairing: Garak/Bashir
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sex
Scanner: Ligeia ([ profile] dissociate)
Translator and Editor: Renata Lord ([ profile] snowlight)

Holosuite knew it was coming at some point! )
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Note on translation: The author used kôsui (perfume—literally "fragrant water") throughout the story, but I translated it as cologne since it's what men use. I left the title as it was, however.

Title: Perfume
Artist: MUKOUDA Tessen in doujinshi JULIAN (Dec 2005)
Pairing: Garak/Bashir
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sex
Scanner: Ligeia ([ profile] dissociate)
Translator and Editor: Renata Lord ([ profile] snowlight)

Julian tries to be sneaky with a gift. )
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Title: Addicted to You
Artist: MUKOUDA Tessen in doujinshi JULIAN (Dec 2005)
Pairing: Garak/Bashir
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sex
Scanner: Ligeia ([ profile] dissociate)
Translator and Editor: Renata Lord ([ profile] snowlight)

Julian's eyes wander... )
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Title: Sugared Medicine
Artist: MUKOUDA Tessen in doujinshi JULIAN (Dec 2005)
Pairing: Garak/Bashir
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sex
Scanner: Ligeia ([ profile] dissociate)
Translator and Editor: Renata Lord ([ profile] snowlight)

In which Julian emo's and Garak offers. )
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Also available for Kirk/Spock and Dean/Castiel.

10 Genres in 10 Snippets
by Renata Lord

Kukalaka, Hufflepuff, and bruises. Oh yays? )

(*): This is an AU which [ profile] dissociate and I have talked where Julian meets Garak while still in school (and before he realized his own secret). Summer love.

(**): At least, this is what Julian thinks. Garak could very well be making the whole thing up to get Julian to pamper him. :P
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Condemnation by Elizabeth Helena is very good! (DS9, G/B, NC-17 for torture...but I just skipped the torture part.)

And I found her DS9 fanfic website! This makes me happy. :D I need to check it out when I'm not dying from the end of school.

Although [ profile] dissociate, we still need to do that spoof of Top Ten Reasons Why Julian Now Prefers Garak over Jadzia.

In other news, I'm warming up to Ezri actually.... As long as I don't see J/E fanfiction (and I ignore the parts where GARAK IS BUSY GETTING KILLED AND JULIAN IS GETTING BOOTY), I'd be cool with her as a character, I think.
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On one hand, I want to watch Cairo Time because of...let's face it, Alexander Siddig. On the other hand, I'm really worried that I would cringe at all the romantic elements in that movie. I would like to squash any and all Mary Sue tendencies before they start (might be too late already, though).

It's odd, I suppose--I seriously want to Mary Sue Garak, but not Andrew Robinson (who, in [ profile] dissociate's words, is like a genial old man living down the street.) On the other hand, while I am not captivated by Julian in a romantic sense, I am clearly drawn to Siddig's other roles on screen—both from Cairo Time and Kingdom of Heaven. Perhaps it's the in-your-face exoticism in terms of the setting.

Speaking of Julian, though, I want to record a certain conversation which took place. You know, for posterity and all.

A: You know those Bajoran earrings?
B: Yeah?
A: Julian needs to get one. For his cock.
B: Oooh, what for?
A: So Garak can tug on it.

I do so love the simple elegance of fangirl logic.
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[ profile] asukajude drew this pic for G/B because apparently they reminded her of this song:

"In that far, far away place / there is a maiden fair...oh how I long to be but a lamb, laying at her feet / and let the thin whip in her hand / fall upon me lightly."

Titled "In that Far, Far Away Place", this is a folk song from the Qinghai region, and is known by practically everyone from China. Sometimes, for no reason at all, I find myself humming it. (In fact, when I think of "Chinese music", this might be the first song that comes to mind.) Yet I recall how once, when I was in grade school, my mother heard me singing it to myself and remarked that it was "indecent." Apparently Asuka agrees with her.

(And from [ profile] dissociate: "Julian looks a bit like he was going to make lamb stew for dinner...." Err, no comment?)

Click to enlarge!

Also, [ profile] dissociate forwarded me this picture taken by a friend of hers (TRADER JOE, YOUR WONDERS ARE NUMEROUS!):

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Note: I think LJ ate some words when I posted this. Anyway, hopefully all fixed now.

Title: The Dragon Charmer
Author: Renata Lord ([ profile] snowlight)
Pairing: Garak/Bashir
Rating: R
Word Count: ~700
Disclaimer: Not mine don't sue etc.
Note: Written for [ profile] tpring0614. Beta read by [ profile] tli. Many thanks! :D


Garak doesn't like it when I touch the hollow of his throat. )