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中文同人清单12/18更新。English list updated 2012-11-22.

Fandoms covered: Skyfall ★ Marvel (Thor/Avengers/Comics) ★ Star Trek (XI/TOS/DS9) ★ BBC Sherlock ★ Supernatural ★ Final Fantasy (VIICC & VIII) ★ Various anime (Naruto, One Piece, Black Blood Brothers, etc) ★ Misc. (World of Warcraft, Formula One RPS, etc)

Personal favorites are denoted by a ♥ sign.

James Bond/Q
  1. Nothing Like You - Twenty years after National Gallery, Q greets a new 007.

Marvel - Thor/Avengers
  1. Eternities Unsaid [Thor/Loki] - Loki exists only in Thor's imagination. Available in French as les éternités silencieuses. by [ profile] daffenger.
  2. Sugar High [Thor/Loki] - In which the brothers encounter chocolate. Not as sappy as it sounds.
  3. Monstrosity [Thor/Loki, Rated R] - Even when his voice is fucked out of him, Loki lies with his body.
  4. Spellbound [Thor/Loki] - Pre-movie canon. The first three spells ever cast by Loki.

Gen, Other Pairings, Crack
  1. Lock and Key - Journey into Mystery-comic verse. What happened to Serrure before Thor found him in Paris.
  2. My Father's Eyes [Gen, Hela+Loki] - Hel's POV on her father's fall into hatred and madness.
  3. Flowers in Asgard [Odin/Frigga] - Just before they were arranged to be married.
  4. a rose is still a rose [Gen, Frigga, Loki, Thor] Frigga mourns.
  5. The Three Children Loki Raised and the One He Didn't ♥ [Gen, Loki-centric] - Written for [ profile] norsekink meme prompt: Let's see Loki take time out of his busy schedule of evil plots and fighting superheroes to do some actual parenting. Available in Chinese as 洛基养育的三个孩子,以及他未曾养育的那个 by [ profile] pkuworm.
  6. "Go the Fuck to Sleep", a Nursery Rhyme by Odin—or, How Did Thor Become Heir of Asgard [Crack] - Frigga asks Odin to put Thor & Loki to bed. Odin encounters...difficulties.

Blood and Water Series [Mycroft +/Sherlock, et al]
In chronological order.
  1. Six Toffee Apples - Guy Fawkes Night. Sherlock is 5.
  2. The Rabbit Hops over the Log - In which Mycroft teaches Sherlock the mystery of making ties. Available in Russian as Заяц прыгнул на бревно... courtesy of [ profile] kaoririna.
  3. Insomnia
  4. Blind Spot/盲点 (in Chinese)
  5. Of Fortune - West End, Mao Tse-tung, and fortune cookies. Available in Chinese as 关于命运 by Mimiluku.
  6. To Everything There is a Season - A moment between the brothers before a piano, after the funeral of their father. Available in Russian as Всему свое время courtesy of [ profile] vipera_berus89.
  7. Primogeniture - Available in Russian as Наследство courtesy of [ profile] vipera_berus89.
  8. Dead Nerve - Dentists are not therapists.
  9. On a Field, Sable - Sherlock has never made peace with his father. Translated into Chinese as 不在 by [ profile] asukajude.
  10. Throne
  11. Lhasa - Translated into Chinese as 拉萨 by [ profile] asukajude.
  12. Stradivarius and Grace ♥ - Five moments in Sherlock's life, with or without the Stradivarius that Mycroft gave him. Translated into Chinese as 关于琴,关于爱 by [ profile] asukajude.
  13. Origin/原点 (in Chinese) ♥
  14. Hello and Goodbye/再别 (in Chinese)
  15. Ecdysis/蜕变 (in Chinese)
Stand-Alone Fics
  1. An Interview with Mycroft Holmes' Umbrella, OBE - Pure crack, as the title indicates.
  2. The Kidnapped [Mycroft/Sherlock, Rated NC-17] - Originally written in Chinese by [ profile] alexwish2005, translated into English by yours truly.

Star Trek – Deep Space 9
  1. What the Cardassian Moon Saw [Gen, OFC] A tribute to both Hans Christian Anderson and series finale What You Leave Behind.
  2. An Indecent Proposal [Garak/Bashir] - Marriage proposal, Garak style. Also available in Chinese as 非常求婚, translated by [ profile] gwen7.
  3. Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them ♥ [Garak/Bashir, Rated R] - A sequel of sorts to An Indecent Proposal, with Julian and Cardassia trying to get used to each other.
  4. The Dragon Charmer [Garak/Bashir, Rated R] - As the title indicates. Julian first person POV.
Drabbles: Equilibrium (Garak/Bashir, Rated R) ★ Impure (Garak/Bashir, Rated R) ★ Artistic License (Garak, Bashir, Dukat) * 10 Genres in 10 Snippets (Garak/Bashir)

Star Trek – DS9 Scanslations
  1. Sugared Medicine by MUKOUDA Tessen (Garak/Bashir, Rated NC17)
  2. Addicted to You by MUKOUDA Tessen (Garak/Bashir, Rated NC17)
  3. Perfume by MUKOUDA Tessen (Garak/Bashir, Rated NC17)
  4. Room #1102 by MUKOUDA Tessen (Garak/Bashir, Rated NC17)
  5. Erosion by MUKOUDA Tessen (Sloan/Bashir, Rated NC17)

Star Trek – Kirk/Spock
All ST writings are in ST:XI verse unless otherwise noted

  1. The Four Times Spock Said Yes to Jim Kirk and the One Time He Said No ♥ [Kirk/Spock] - My serenade to the original OTP.
  2. LoveBrilliantScars [Kirk/Spock] - James T. Kirk isn't getting younger.
  3. The Four Times Kirk Didn't Say "I Love You, Too" and the One Time He Did [Kirk/Spock * Rated R] - A snapshot of the first half of Kirk's life.
  4. As All Rivers Return to the Ocean [Kirk/Spock] – And they wed.
  5. The K&S Family Series [Kirk/Spock] – Married, with kids. Oh dear.
  6. The Peanut Butter and the Jelly [Kirk/Spock] – The four times a human phrase went right over Spock's head...and the one time it really didn't.
  7. Miracle [Kirk/Spock, McCoy, George Kirk] – All his life, Jim Kirk only ever asked for two miracles.
  8. The Last Will and Testament of James T. Kirk [Kirk/Spock +All] – See title.
  9. ....both muscle atrophy and bone density loss are at acceptable level [Kirk/Spock] – Jim is very old now and can't take care of himself anymore. Spock does it for him.
  10. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)? [Kirk/Spock+T’Pring] – 4 times Spock was propositioned and declined (logically, of course) and the 1 time he accepted (also logically, of course).
  11. Capsicum annuum Vulcanis [Kirk/Spock, McCoy * short] – Bones, the unsung hero.
  12. The REAL Trouble with Tribbles ♥ [Kirk/Spock, TOS crack] – What if there is a Tribble!Kirk and Tribble!Spock amongst the vast tribbles army in the episode The Trouble with Tribbles? Now also an audiofic courtesy of [ profile] bigmamag. :) Also available in Russian (НАСТОЯЩИЕ проблемы с трибблами) thanks to the lovely [ profile] eldariel. Also available in Chinese courtesy of [ profile] helenharris.
  13. Memories Like Burning Snow [Kirk/Spock, All * short] – From The Search for Spock, Kirk saying goodbye to the Enterprise.
  14. Hour of the Wolf [Kirk/Spock * Rated NC17] – Implied voyeurism and graphic bestiality. -_-||||||
  15. 800 ♥ [Kirk/Spock] – Written for the ST XI kink meme prompt "Pike told Kirk: 'Your father banged 800 women, I dare you to do better.'"
  16. 愛をするひと (Those Who Love) [T’Pring, Kirk, Spock] – Kirk seaches for Spock post TOS. He encounters T’Pring instead.
  17. Spockunzel [Kirk/Spock, Sarek/Amanda, T'Pau] –Unapologetic fairytale schmoop AU.
  18. Songs of Seleya [Kirk/Spock * Rated NC17] – Contains sensory deprivation, handporn, Smart!Kirk, roleplay, fake Vulcan, even faker Vulcan rituals, and slight D/s elements.
Star Trek – Reboot Mirror Universe Kirk/Spock
  1. Think No Evil [Kirk/Spock, Uhura * Rated NC17] – Uh…my attempt at mirrorverse PWP.
  2. Outliers [Kirk/Spock * Rated R] – Spock survives an assassination attempt and expects punishment from Kirk. The captain, however, has other plans.
  3. Perfumed [Kirk/girl!Spock] –Girl!Spock is the Captain's Woman.
  4. Unbroken ♥ [Kirk/girl!Spock * Rated R] – Sequel of sorts to Perfumed. Aftermaths of a nuked Vulcan in mirrorverse.
  5. You are Warm in My Hand [m!Kirk/Spock, m!Kirk/m!Spock * Rated R] – M!Kirk loses his Spock and finds a replacement.
  6. Ghosts of Our Yesterdays [Kirk/Spock * TOS/XI * Rated R] – A retelling of The Conscience of the King.
  7. Russian Roulette [Kirk/Spock] – Christmas, mirror universe style.
Star Trek – Gen, Crack, and Other Pairings
  1. Sweet Music to My Ears [Kirk+All, crack] - Three words: Starfleet's Got Talent.
  2. Love, Gaila ♥ [Gaila+All, crack] - Love/Relationship Advice Column, written by our favorite Orion girl.
  3. The Narada Incident, as told by Hikaru Sulu's Twitter [Ensemble, crack] - See title.
  4. When I Grew Up I Called Him Mine [T'Pring, Spock] – Love, Vulcan style.
  5. To Love and Not to Hold [Spock/Uhura] – The moth and the flame.
  6. The Lotus Eater [Spock+Kirk] – Spock encounters a childhood memory on an alien planet.
  7. Kobayashi Maru, Warcraft Edition [Kirk+Spock+McCoy et al, crack] – "Dammit Jim, I'm a druid, not a masochist!"
  8. The Sixth-Day Flower Child ♥ [All] – Deaged!Spock refuses to eat on the ship. Mayhem ensues.
  9. Harajuku Princess [Gaila * short] – Because you know Gaila used a fake ID to get a tattoo when she was a tween. :P
  10. Con Te Partirò [Spock, T'Pring, Uhura] – The haunting of a woman and a planet.
  11. Echoes of the Name [Joanna, McCoy * short] – Joanna finds out why her mother never calls her "Jo".
  12. The Impossible Dream [George/Pike, George/Winona * short] – Pike reflects on his relationship with George Kirk.
  13. Skin [Gaila, Uhura] – Two girls and their respective tattoos.
  14. A Very Condensed and Wildly Inappropriate Plot Guide to Star Trek XI [Ensemble] – See title.
Star Trek XI - Translations
  1. TOW Jim Kirk causes a scene in a bar (again) by Rin-chan [Kirk/Spock] – Yeah. See title.
  2. TOW Commander Spock points out the truth by Rin-chan [Kirk/Spock] – The closest is so wide open now.
  3. TOW Jim Kirk needs a glass of champagne by Rin-chan [Kirk/Spock, Sarek/Amanda] – Jim Kirk, meet Ambassador Sarek.
Star Trek XI - Graphics
  1. World of Warcraft: Kobayashi Maru [All Char] – Craaaack.
  2. How to Bag Your Own Spock: a Four-Step Manual [Kirk/Spock] – Candy porn collaboration with [ profile] alexwish2005.
  3. Star Trek icons and color bars – From the TOS series. The "chicken soup for the soul" batch.
  4. K&S Bears in Asia ♥ [Kirk/Spock] – I traveled to Asia and took Kirk and Spock teddy bears with me. Cuteness ensued.
  5. K&S Bears in the Sonoran Desert [Kirk/Spock] – ...then they went to Arizona.
Star Trek - Drabbles


Drabbles: 10 Genres in 10 Snippets (Dean/Castiel) ★ by the power of the name (The Angels, gen) ★ but let judgment run down like water (Michael, Anna) ★ 26: About Michael (Michael et al)
Dean/Castiel: Confucius Says [Dean/Castiel, the Angels] - The angels sit down for a Chinese New Year's family gathering dinner. No, really. Also available in Chinese as 子曰, translated by [ profile] asukajude.

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core
  1. Premonition [Angeal/Sephiroth/Genesis] - Genesis dreams.
  2. Illumination [Angeal/Genesis] – I’ve always figured that knowing Genesis is a kind of curse for Angeal.
  3. Adoration ♥ [Angeal/Genesis] – An eleven-year-old Genesis declared Angeal to be the apple of his eye in front of the whole class. Disaster ensues.
  4. Habits [Sephiroth/Genesis/Sephiroth * Rated R short] – Of the post-coital kind.
  5. Possession [Genesis/Sephiroth/Genesis] – Genesis is a biter.

Final Fantasy VIII
  1. Edge of Clarity [Seifer/Squall] - Walking between the darkness and the light. Or, about a water filter.
  2. One Last Dance [Seifer/Squall + Rinoa] - In which Rinoa says goodbye.
  3. Sins of the Fathers ♥ [Seifer/Squall, OCs] - "The body can endure compromise and the mind can be seduced by it. Only the heart protests."
  4. Do Unto Others [All Char, Seifer/Squall implied] - Zell creates a Counter Strike team, but all does not go as planned.
  5. The Home in the Storm [Seifer/Squall] – Squall returns to Seifer in the middle of a storm.
  6. The Sun in the Flower [Seifer/Squall] – In which Seifer gets flowers. Lots of them.
Final Fantasy VIII - Drabbles:

  1. Blue as Blood ♥ [Yondaime + Kakashi + Sakumo] - Sakumo's wish, and the Hokage's. Translated into Chinese as 蓝如血 by [ profile] nashaya_rin.
  2. Incognito [Shisui/Kakashi] - Boys play tough with each other.
  3. Heaven Can Wait [Shisui/Kakashi * Rated R] - Sequel to Incognito.
  4. Five Times A Character I Love Did Something I Hated by Hatake Kakashi [Kakashi + All] - Because Kishimoto is a douche bag in so, so many ways.
  5. Warmth [Neji + Kiba] - A winter night at a ramen shop.
  6. Raining on Ashes [Sasuke + Sakura] - An undated and unsent letter.
  7. The Day of Ceasing [Yondaime + Kakashi] - When do the dead die? Side drabble: endless. Available in Chinese as 安息日 courtesy of [ profile] limonenejade.

Formula One RPS
  1. A City Called São Paulo ♥ [Ayrton/Michael] - Before his one last race, Michael reminisces about a city at once alien and familiar to him. Also available in Chinese: 一个名叫圣保罗的城市, translated by [ profile] akio.
  2. The Most Loneliest Day ♥ [Ayrton/Michael +Bruno] - Deja vu kicks you in the head. Really hard.

World of Warcraft
  1. Kataphileo [Duncan/Catelyn] - Kataphileo [Greek]: v., to kiss repeatedly, intensively, and earnestly.
  2. Opus Dei [Salandria] – The childhood of the promised Blood Knight.
  3. Leaving Andorhal [Thassarian/Koltira] - Post-Battle of Andorhal in Cataclysm.

  1. The End of the World [One Piece - Zoro + Luffy] – A conversation at the end of the Grand Line.
  2. Rough Diamond [One Piece - Smoker/Hina] – First kiss was in the rain.
  3. Ghost of a Memory ♥ [Black Blood Brothers - Zelman Clock] - Thou hast forgotten, but the world shall end when I forget. OC POV (no, not that kind).
  4. Sight [Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Yomi/Kurama] - Kurama asks Yomi a question of the wrong kind.
  5. Visage [Bleach - Yoruichi/Soifong] - Just a little kiss.
  6. Foresight [Code Geass - Suzaku/Lelouch] - About a grave.


Date: Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 02:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm very sorry, but we (along with Kaoririna))) were so fascinated by your works, that we've absolutely forgot to ask your permission to translate "Primogeniture" as well... *as an excuse I can say that I've translated it late at night)))))*
I really hope you won't be mad at me for that)))

The translation can be found along with your other stories here -

eAnd, by the way, the people there really loved it, you're a genius))))

Re: Sorry!!!!

Date: Friday, October 1st, 2010 12:36 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You are too kind, really.

I am always very laid back about this kind of things. Just happy that somebody likes my writing enough to translate it to begin with.

I hope you like my new fic as well. :) Thanks again!


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